rathreon (rathreon) wrote,

Public Sector strike...

Public sector workers went on strike today, they are moaning that they are going to have to work longer and put more into their tax funded pension schemes. They don't seem to have much public backing as everyone in the private sector has got to do this anyway.

So now, to try and get the public on their side, the Unions are trying to say they are striking for all the people, public and private sector. What bullshit that is, when the increase in retirement age for private sector workers  was announced about a year ago and private pension schemes were basically destroyed they (the public sector) didn't bat an eyelid or say a word against it because they thought they would be immune, so it was a case of 'I'm alright jack', but now It's starting to bite them they are bitching like mad about how unfair it all is.

Well welcome to the real world public sector people, time to take a big bite of the shit sandwich like the rest of us.
Tags: greed, public sector, selfish, shit sandwich, strike, teachers
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