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Frank Sidebottom: The Legend...

While at my first stop in Altrincham in Timperley, Manchester I saw a statue of Frank Sidebottom outside the shop I was visiting. All around the base were flowers so thinking someone had died near there in a car crash or other accident I didn't think more of it, but it did get me thinking of Frank. So when back in my van I googled Frank to find out what ever happened to him and I discovered that he was really called Chris Sievey and that he was dead! He'd died in 2010 of Cancer (what's new, seems like everyone is dying of the big C!). Talk about being shocked.

Back in the late 80's and 90's Frank was a regular on TV and I remember him being very popular with Students. He would pop up on late night TV and Alt Comedy shows of the day. I never knew who he was really, I never saw him without his fake head on. He, like a lot of acts back then eventually died out as his popularity faded. It was only when the film Frank was released that it brought the memory of him back.

Apparently he died broke and his funeral was paid for by fan's, that's such a sad thought.

Chris Sievey Wikipedia...

Frank Sidebottom
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