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Cat Lovers

I find the tightness of the British amazing, I recon we are the most selfish nation in the world. We only really give to charity if it is cool or celebrities are involved and it's on the tv.

The reason for this rant? I read a letter in the Express & Star from a charity worker who spent 14 hours at a cat show, she made just over £12! 12 fuckin measly pound!!! If you think that a few hundred people probably passed through the doors, that is shameful. What's £1, it's nothing. Some one was on the radio saying that it's a good idea that cash machines may start allowing donations, apparently 43% of Americans make donations, where as only 10% of Brits do. This woman then popped up and said it was a crap idea and what with the recession people can't afford £1, what a tight fucker she is!!! I bet she's the type that has the latest tv, the latest decor, spends shit loads on wine and fags yet can't put a quid in a charity tin, people like her make me sick and England seems to be full of em!

As for cat owners I'm not surprised they don't donate, I've always said that I recon cat owners are like their cats I.e. Selfish. Perhaps I've been proven right.

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Tags: charity, giving, tight arses
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