rathreon (rathreon) wrote,


The UK is bound to end up going in, which will be ironic considering Cameron thought going into afghan was bad. It all feels like one big balls up

It's like the UK started to bring Gaddafi in from the cold cus he has something they need i.e. Oil. They suck up to him, pampering him but all the time they hate the fucker. Then a Libyan minority uprise and start to give Gadafi a kicking, when it looks like he's about to go down the UK suddenly tells him "HAH we never liked you anyway, we only pretended to like you cus of the oil!" BUT then he suddenly gets back up and starts to give the Libyan rebels a kicking and starts to win, the UK thinks "FUCK, he's not going down after all, and we can't suck up again as he knows exactly what we think of him now. Shit, if he defeats the rebels, bye bye to all that lovely oil cus he's not going to trust us again!" So they try and encourage the rebels to fight on, they NEED the rebels to fight on else releasing the Lockerbie bomber, all the sucking up, all the rebel help, all the bombings will have just been a waste of time and money.

He needs to be gone as he's not gonna wanna deal with the UK and the UK knows this.

One thing the UK does really well and that's fuck up spectacularly, and this is a good example.
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