rathreon (rathreon) wrote,

Ingress: A new obsession?

Started playing Ingress and I'm starting to think it could be my new obsession.

I started playing the game Sunday night but hadn't got a clue what I was doing but today, driving around, I've been hacking the shit out of every portal I come across. I've also aquired 3 portals that were lvl 1's which felt good *cheesy grin*.

The first portal I got my sticky mitts on was the Floating Bridge Inn in Dartmouth, a sexy little unaquired L1 which took me about 10 minutes to bring over to the dark side, first one and not having too much of a clue how too aquire it I suppose 10 minutes wasn't too bad.

The second and third ones I found while at the hotel in Saltash, They were next to each other and less than 2 miles away so I thought sod it and shot off to aquire them. I ended up taking a bit of a tour but managed to get close, then walked the rest of the way, it was raining and windy but I aquired them and took a couple of pics to celebrate.

St. Marys Church, Botus Fleming.

The war memorial next to St. Marys.
Tags: botus fleming, dartmouth, floating bridge inn, game, ingress, st. marys
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