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Frank Sidebottom: The Legend...

While at my first stop in Altrincham in Timperley, Manchester I saw a statue of Frank Sidebottom outside the shop I was visiting. All around the base were flowers so thinking someone had died near there in a car crash or other accident I didn't think more of it, but it did get me thinking of Frank. So when back in my van I googled Frank to find out what ever happened to him and I discovered that he was really called Chris Sievey and that he was dead! He'd died in 2010 of Cancer (what's new, seems like everyone is dying of the big C!). Talk about being shocked.

Back in the late 80's and 90's Frank was a regular on TV and I remember him being very popular with Students. He would pop up on late night TV and Alt Comedy shows of the day. I never knew who he was really, I never saw him without his fake head on. He, like a lot of acts back then eventually died out as his popularity faded. It was only when the film Frank was released that it brought the memory of him back.

Apparently he died broke and his funeral was paid for by fan's, that's such a sad thought.

Chris Sievey Wikipedia...

Frank Sidebottom


Ingress: A new obsession?

Started playing Ingress and I'm starting to think it could be my new obsession.

I started playing the game Sunday night but hadn't got a clue what I was doing but today, driving around, I've been hacking the shit out of every portal I come across. I've also aquired 3 portals that were lvl 1's which felt good *cheesy grin*.

The first portal I got my sticky mitts on was the Floating Bridge Inn in Dartmouth, a sexy little unaquired L1 which took me about 10 minutes to bring over to the dark side, first one and not having too much of a clue how too aquire it I suppose 10 minutes wasn't too bad.

The second and third ones I found while at the hotel in Saltash, They were next to each other and less than 2 miles away so I thought sod it and shot off to aquire them. I ended up taking a bit of a tour but managed to get close, then walked the rest of the way, it was raining and windy but I aquired them and took a couple of pics to celebrate.

St. Marys Church, Botus Fleming.

The war memorial next to St. Marys.


Elder Scrolls Online

Just bought a copy of ESO even though I said I wouldn't.

I'm not that keen on the elder scrolls first person combat but I'm thinking, maybe, being an mmo it might be fun.

We shall see...


SW:TOR. First look

Was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic for a few days over Christmas. I'm liking it. It's more RPG than a lot of MMO's on the market and it feel's like an MMO that casuals can enjoy too.

Hope it stays that way, with the hours I work all I can ever be is a casual gamer.


Premier Inns...

Two things wind me up about Premier Inns:

1- The windows in some hotels are wank. They don't stop noise and sometimes they are so bad it's like the window is open!


2- The ever changing heating. I turn it up to 22, an hour later its at 18. I turn it up again and go to bed, wake up at 8am feeling chilly and see that the heating has dropped back down to 18. I turn it up again, go to breakfast, come back and it's now 16. I turn it up, chill for an hour then pack to leave, I notice it's chilly again, check the heating control and its now 14. WTF!!!!

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Cowboys and Aliens

Watched the above film last night. Thought I was going to be watching a tongue in cheek roller coaster but I ended up watching a very slow, boring film that took itself way to seriously. 5/10

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Love this song, love the meaning behind it.


Public Sector strike...

Public sector workers went on strike today, they are moaning that they are going to have to work longer and put more into their tax funded pension schemes. They don't seem to have much public backing as everyone in the private sector has got to do this anyway.

So now, to try and get the public on their side, the Unions are trying to say they are striking for all the people, public and private sector. What bullshit that is, when the increase in retirement age for private sector workers  was announced about a year ago and private pension schemes were basically destroyed they (the public sector) didn't bat an eyelid or say a word against it because they thought they would be immune, so it was a case of 'I'm alright jack', but now It's starting to bite them they are bitching like mad about how unfair it all is.

Well welcome to the real world public sector people, time to take a big bite of the shit sandwich like the rest of us.


Cat Lovers

I find the tightness of the British amazing, I recon we are the most selfish nation in the world. We only really give to charity if it is cool or celebrities are involved and it's on the tv.

The reason for this rant? I read a letter in the Express & Star from a charity worker who spent 14 hours at a cat show, she made just over £12! 12 fuckin measly pound!!! If you think that a few hundred people probably passed through the doors, that is shameful. What's £1, it's nothing. Some one was on the radio saying that it's a good idea that cash machines may start allowing donations, apparently 43% of Americans make donations, where as only 10% of Brits do. This woman then popped up and said it was a crap idea and what with the recession people can't afford £1, what a tight fucker she is!!! I bet she's the type that has the latest tv, the latest decor, spends shit loads on wine and fags yet can't put a quid in a charity tin, people like her make me sick and England seems to be full of em!

As for cat owners I'm not surprised they don't donate, I've always said that I recon cat owners are like their cats I.e. Selfish. Perhaps I've been proven right.

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The UK is bound to end up going in, which will be ironic considering Cameron thought going into afghan was bad. It all feels like one big balls up

It's like the UK started to bring Gaddafi in from the cold cus he has something they need i.e. Oil. They suck up to him, pampering him but all the time they hate the fucker. Then a Libyan minority uprise and start to give Gadafi a kicking, when it looks like he's about to go down the UK suddenly tells him "HAH we never liked you anyway, we only pretended to like you cus of the oil!" BUT then he suddenly gets back up and starts to give the Libyan rebels a kicking and starts to win, the UK thinks "FUCK, he's not going down after all, and we can't suck up again as he knows exactly what we think of him now. Shit, if he defeats the rebels, bye bye to all that lovely oil cus he's not going to trust us again!" So they try and encourage the rebels to fight on, they NEED the rebels to fight on else releasing the Lockerbie bomber, all the sucking up, all the rebel help, all the bombings will have just been a waste of time and money.

He needs to be gone as he's not gonna wanna deal with the UK and the UK knows this.

One thing the UK does really well and that's fuck up spectacularly, and this is a good example.


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